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Same *** , just scared me for $260, plus the cost of Western Union, so almost $300, then sent email stating they will require $700 deposit ( refundable

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Buyweedonline1 is bogus do not send money

Wood Dale, Illinois
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Karl Ray of DeKalb is scamming people that need med. marijuana. do not send any money. They will text you from

a number in area code 317 Indianapolis. they will have you

moneygram them in DeKalb IL. 317-572-8592 THEY ARE ***

Men. Paid for overnight delivery and I still am waiting after 4 days. Also some guy named Lee (sp) is involved. I cannot believe I was so taken by such bumbling fools. Do not send them a thing. For your own protection let MoneyGram know it is a scam.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Buyweedonline1 - Beware of a Scam


Hi. I have proof, that a scam is going on by using various GMail adresses. I also know, that the guy behind the scam is working out of Cameroon. I already have filed a complaint with IC3 and I have attached a copy of it to this message.

The guy is using 3 different GMail accounts:




Besides that, he is also using a Skype account, with which he is Online at all times. He is using the following Skype Name:

Enjoy Making Raw Cash

Websites used for this Scam consist of:

These guys work out of Cameroon, pretending to be in the US. DON'T place any orders. DO NOT send money, you won't see it again.

Monetary Loss: $250.



They got me for $180.00


And also after you send them $ they will try to say your package is in customs! And you NEED to pay $300 for a document for paper work and it will be mailed or what ever, also

Pulled this

Brockville, Ontario, Canada #1278743

Manuel russell USA Texas Dallas 75202 andvlori costomer service just been ripped 200 Jan 30 2017. Piece of *** this is happened right now

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1221301

and another bogus scammer


This is another name to add to the growing list of bogus names, city and state.

Terrence Richmond

Dallas, Texas 75202


Monetary loss. 750.00. I r a dumass


Phew you just saved me a wad of cash

to Anonymous Norway, Maine, United States #1276505

Thank you for all the sites. I've been been reading and sruddying them for weeks now to not get scammed. Anyway heard anything on ***


On the following 2 links, there is more about these scumbags:


9 different websites are used under the same Domain name.

All belong to the same guys as below. Busy creating new sites and new email addresses.

Keep huntig these guys, eventually their luck will ran out soon.

New email accounts:


This statement is complete accurate. Right after you request where your product is, they ask for another $500.00 to release it from shipping blocks. Huge scam with an elaborate website.

#970602 a scam mite also be apart of the gmail scammer guys...Any1 asking to send ur money to Cameroon is a scam..beware people

Mobile, Alabama, United States #951037

Therebin us in decalb ill

Wordsley, England, United Kingdom #916058

Best way too get back at the *** is too email as many times as you can and as much *** block them up with orders and don't sent money too all Kenneth Roberts and the rest it's good fun

to Timo Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1221300

I bug the *** out of them constantly. Email, text they got me for over 600.00 and they still say they'll send it.

I tell them to refund my money and they say they needed the money to fight the case since it was "confiscated" by US FEDS. I send in orders to then when they contact me back I bring up the same ole story.


How do they pick up the money form Western Union? Do the use a fake ID or something?

to Jimmy #907613

Yes, that's how they do it.

to Jimmy #951039

There in u.s.because they're picking their money up in DeKalb Illinois I have a private I going to pick up I'll be there when they pick up their money they took me for over a thousand dollarsthere's a guy named K R initials picking the money up


a new email address used by the scammers of and other sites is


Another website of the same Scammers is http://rapid-***.com/index.html


They are also using social media to scam people. The following Facebook profile belongs to these scammers:


This is another website of these scammers

Scammers email used in this case is . They also use it on their website


Following is the origin of their emails. This IP trace should help to locate these scammers out of Cameroon

Vienna, Vienna, Austria #850512 Big Scam out of Cameroon. and Scammers Email addresses

They ask you to send money via Western Union, MoneyGram to:

Name....Karl Ray


state.....Illinois zip code.....60115 Do Not send any money!!!

to Thomas Virginia, United States #948612

but i received my ketamine from them

to jackson badson #999858


to jackson badson #1031762

And you were such a "satisfied customer" that you're spending time on scambusting sites to thank them? Doubtful, shill.

to jackson badson #1117481

yes i also got my ketamine from them and i am very happy.

so why do you guys go about spoiling their reputation?

that is so bad

to Anonymous #1163263

How was the service thinking of useing them?

to jackson badson #1165720

Was your product good

to jackson badson #1442538

yo thats what im bout to do but your name seem fake so no trust


new scam site


The same group is using a TNT mirror website to make you believe, that your order has been shipped.

The website has been created in a hurry and you can see, that the links are not working.

Here the link to that fake website:

They clearly make identity theft and violate copyrights of TNT


These scammers are busy creating new websites. Newly created websites are:

Email contact address is


The following website and eMail address belongs to the same Scammers

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #810092

And another website of the same scammers:

And another email address used by these people:


The scammers new website and email addres:

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #809792

Their newest Scam Website is

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #809789

and another email received of these scammers sounds like that:

OK you will be making to the following info through WU

first name:----Djoaw

last name:----Mpeul Magellan

Test question: ----Ready

Test answer: ----Tomorrow country: -----Cameroon when you make payment just get back to us with your shipping address.


Hi Guys just came accross you thread here

Firstly people should not judge you for buying *** online

they dont know your situation

I am outside the USA and need Medication

and i have lost alot of money to scammers

the ones i have been scammed buy i make videos on youtube about the Here is the one i have just made about allweedonline

to ***Seeker Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #809552

Great Youtube Click!!! Well done. I think we should get together and do that with other scammers as well.


After posting the Scam websites, these guys are working with 2 new sites now:




Newest websites used by the scammers:

(In this case, they are using the header of a real company)

Los Angeles, California, United States #776858

So you're trying to buy illegal drugs online, and you're upset that you got scammed? Is that correct?

to Anonymous #777060

No it's not correct, because initially these scammers advertised for medical use of Marihuana. If it would be an illegal drug, why is it allowed in the state of Colorado? Get your facts straight first before you accuse people of illegal activities.

to Anonymous #999750

I think this guy just want to spoil people businesses. i have ordered a couple time from them and it perfect even though their delivery method delays

to Anonymous #1006845

Bollocks!!! This poster is Mr. Scammer himself, trying to catch up with money lost......

to Anonymous #1165723

So the service is great

to Anonymous #1222972

your not even american your one of the scammers.......

to Anonymous #1278738

Why is there so many bad reviews these people need to go down

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #776642

These guys are working out of Cameroon, pretending to be in the US.

IP traced and result is:

L'utilisateur de l'adresse IP ( - MTN Business Solutions) est situé à (Cameroon - )

to Cynthia #937218

Shows the list of the scammer now named


Check the list it has 2 scam TNT websites?

Includes the websites everyone has listed

to Scam hunter Matamata, Auckland, New Zealand #1247762

Thanks for the heads up. kiwi

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